Holiday gift giving has never been so fun!

Shepard Moon holiday products are sure to bring a smile to everyone on your list this season.

Our 4 oz. Santa, Frosty and Rudolf bath pouches are the perfect stocking stuffer or addition to any gift basket. Or, give yourself the gift of relaxation by sending one of our fun holiday gift sets to your favorite bath-lover!

Rest easy knowing each of our holiday products are the same hand-crafted, all-natural, organic baths that you use throughout the year!

Santa = Santa’s Backache Relief

Frosty = Frosty’s Frozen Finger Formula

Rudolf = Rudolf’s Rednose Remedy

6 items in stock
Fizzy Fun Pail $-3.00$11.99 each
6 items in stock
Holiday Fun Pack $-2.00$12.99 each
Holiday Trio $-3.00$9.99 each
Holiday Ducks -35%$1.94 each
-35%$6.49 each
Valentine Ducks $2.99 each
$9.99 each
Easter Ducks $2.99 each
$9.99 each
Zombie Ducks $2.99 each
$9.99 each


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