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Holiday gift giving has never been so fun!

Shepard Moon holiday products are sure to bring a smile to faces and maybe even a big Santa belly laugh to whoever receives these fabulously fun gifts. And better yet, each of our holiday products are the same hand crafted all natural baths that you can use throughout the year! We simply created cute packaging and re-named them for the holidays!

Make your own gift baskets with a variety of our 4 oz holiday pouches—or give the bath-lover on your list all three formulas packaged together in our Holiday Fun Pack.  Each of these gifts will delight your recipient even after the holidays are over.

And don’t forget Halloween, Valentine's Day and Easter! Shepard Moon has rubber ducks to make any holiday gift complete!

Valentine Ducks $2.99 each
$9.99 each
Zombie Ducks $2.99 each
$9.99 each
Easter Ducks $2.99 each
$9.99 each
Christmas Ducks $2.99 each
$9.99 each


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