‘To everything there is a season’ ….and at Shepard Moon we believe that to every season, there is a bath! So turn, turn turn on that bath faucet and get ready to do your part to create a more peaceful planet by bringing more peace and well-being to that beautiful thing called YOU!

To help support you in making self care a way of life, Shepard Moon offers different products each month on sale for you to try or buy for others! It’s our way of thanking you for your commitment of being a vehicle of peace in our world! Thank you!

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Lavender Lullaby Bath Remedy -30%$3.49 each
-30%$41.29 each
5 5 2 Product
Love Bath Remedy -30%$3.49 each
-30%$41.29 each
Relax Bath & Body Oil and Massage! -30%$4.19 each
-30%$65.79 each
Replenish Lotion Therapy -30%$4.19 each
-30%$65.79 each
Dry Skin Brush -30%$3.49 each
Rubber Ducks -30%$0.69 each
-30%$1.39 each
Sisal Bath Mitt -30%$3.49 each


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