The Essentials Bath Set

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This combo pack includes our two most popular epsom salt baths —Shepard Moon’s Ache & Pain Relief and Lavender Lullaby bath remedy.  Whether you need to relieve sore muscles after gardening or a strenuous workout or you want to simply relax and unwind for a restful night's sleep, this bath set has any bath enthusiast covered!

Our Ache & Pain Relief epsom salt bath helps soothe away pain and soreness by reducing inflammation and easing tight muscles.  Originally formulated for healthcare professionals, this organic essential oil formula has been our #1 best seller for over two decades.  (*Also used in our Relieve Lotion Therapy and Relieve Bath & Body Oil)

Lulllaby says it all with our Lavender Lullaby epsom salt bath.  This calming organic esstial oil lend will bring  peace to your body, mind and spirit so you can relax and sleep soundly.  Soothe your mind and relax your body with this lovely lullaby and we're sure it will become a favorite addition to your bedtime sleep ritual.

Save $4.99 than when purchased separately!

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