Holiday gift giving has never been so fun, healthy or affordable!

Shepard Moon holiday bath products and gift sets are sure to bring a smile to everyone on your list no matter which holiday it is. From Valentine's Day romance or Mother's Day love, give the gift of relaxation to a bath lover on your list with one of our all natural gift sets!  Each Shepard Moon holiday product is handcrafted with organic essential oils and a whole lotta' love!

Fizzy Fun Pail $14.99$11.24 each
6 items in stock
Holiday Bath Collection $19.99$14.99 each
5 5 1 Product
5 items in stock
Holiday Trio Bath Set $13.50$10.13 each
Holiday Rubber Ducks $2.99$2.24 each
$9.99$7.49 each
Rubber Ducks for Easter $2.99 each
$9.99 each
Zombie Ducks for Halloween $2.99 each
$9.99 each


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