About Shepard Moon Concoctions

We create high-quality aromatherapy products designed to support you on your path of healing body, mind and spirit.

Our mission at Shepard Moon Concoctions is to promote health and well-being through the pure powers of nature. From our beginning, we've had healing in mind. We started by making products for holistic practitioners to help their patients' recovery continue between treatments. This same focus of crafting pure, therapeutically-effective aromatherapy products is still at the core of each Shepard Moon creation.

We at Shepard Moon Concoctions are all dedicated to personal paths of growth through active kindness, and that energy is what gets infused into all of our handmade creations. And since health is at the heart of everything we do, we use only the highest-quality, therapeutic-grade ingredients in all of our products.


History of Healing

Shepard Moon Concoctions has been making organic essential oil remedies in Seattle, Washington since 1999. We started out by creating therapeutic bath remedies and creams for holistic healers to use with their patients between appointments. In fact, you can still find our products in many health clinics throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Enthusiasm for our creations brought them to the retail shelves, and that was just the beginning. As more and more of you have come to love Shepard Moon products, we've expanded our collection to satisfy many of your requests for new remedies.


Simple, Effective and Natural

We feel the same way you do about ingredients we can't pronounce. That's why we at Shepard Moon have always been committed to using only the purest natural ingredients in all of our creations. Everything we make is paraben-free and petroleum-free. We carefully source all of our ingredients not only for purity and efficacy, but we love the values and relationships of the companies we choose to partner with.


Environmentally Conscious

Shepard Moon Concoctions was green long before "green" was even a term! Back when we started, people just called us hippies. But we were actually trendsetters, because now our environmental efforts have been replicated across much of the country. Since Shepard Moon Concoctions started, we've had ecofriendly, biodegradable coffee bags as packaging, and have used only recycled packing materials from shipping centers.


Handcrafted by Humans

At Shepard Moon Concoctions, we believe the energy that goes into creating our products directly enhances their effectiveness. For that reason, our remedies are all handmade by folks devoted to a path of growth through healing others, and who share our vision of crafting high-quality, effective creations that benefit you.



Shepard Moon LLC

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hand crafted by humans

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