Epsom Salt Baths


Natural, Organic, and Effective!

Just salt and pure essential oils. That’s all you’ll find in Shepard Moon’s all-natural, organic Epsom salt bath remedies. From the beginning, we started out with results in mind, creating products for holistic health clinics.  Still today, over 20 years later, effectiveness is our primary focus as we continue to hand-craft these same powerful essential oil formulas for you.

Each of our Epsom salt bath soaks is a blend of pure, organic essential oils added into a mix of spa-quality, USP Pharmaceutical Grade Epsom Salt, and mineral-rich Dead Sea Salt. No artificial fragrances, dyes, or preservatives are used----ever!  And because effectiveness is key, our Epsom salt bath soaks are created at the highest recommended dilution ratio of our therapeutic essential oil formulas.  

From travel-sized pouches to bulk, find the pure, organic essential oil Epsom salt bath you want in the size you need!


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