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Nurturing Ourselves in Challenging Times


I consider myself a spiritual being who is here to help serve our world.  I am a spiritual counselor and a woman in recovery.  Eighteen years ago I created Shepard Moon Concoctions and consider it to be one of my greatest spiritual expressions and teachers.

This last year has felt incredibly tumultuous.  Blame, fear anger and violence is noticeably heightened.  The divide between races, between political parties, between governments and citizens——between us, our “enemies” and even our allies—has widened as we grow farther apart from one another.  This is not an easy time.

And yet here we are.  I don’t believe that this is a desperate time, let alone that it calls for desperate measures.  I do believe that this is a time that calls for compassionate measures.  It's a time for “mothering” each other rather than “othering” each other through judgement, hatred and blame.  Now that Mother's Day has passed, let us take the essence of "mother" and carry it forward as we navigate these challenging times. 

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Time for Spring Cleaning!


I absolutely love springtime.  I think it’s my favorite season…..The newness of life and volatile weather.  How all four seasons can happen within a single hour.  Or on those first few warm days, I can see huge differences in the budding Magnolia blossoms between Bodhi’s morning walk and his evening walk around our neighborhood.  There is such a rich vitality which inspires me out of Winter’s sleepy lull and makes me want to…..CLEAN!?!

Okay, for those who know me, that is not a natural desire of mine.  It’s embarrassing to admit, but if you come for tea on Tuesday then again on Saturday, you will likely see your teacup right where you left it.  So this impulsion of Spring is a mighty powerful force!  

Many of my friends love to forage the woods for nettles this time of year, brewing up cauldrons of detoxifying nettle tea.  In fact, many folks do a cleanse every Spring as part of their personal health ritual.  But whether you fast, do the Master Cleanse, pick young nettles for tea or schedule a colonic, most of us focus on our digestion.  This Spring, I’m inviting you to consider adding bathing to your cleansing ritual.

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11 Reasons Why….You Need a Bath!


Who has time to take a bath anymore?  Well probably you do!  Or perhaps you should think about it if you are truly committed to improving your overall health.  You might think “There’s no way I can get everything done then relax in a bath—- besides, why should I?”  Here’s 11 reasons why you’ll want to resurrect bathing as part of your weekly self care routine.

#1  Improves circulation
One of the biggest differences between taking a bath rather than a shower is hydrostatic pressure.  Because water is much denser than air, immersing yourself in your bathtub exerts greater pressure against your body.  This pressure pushes extracellular fluid back into circulation.  “When you improve blood flow, you improve everything.”—Dr. Douglas Lewis

#2   Reduces pain
More than 100 million Americans report that they suffer from chronic pain at an estimated cost of 600 billion dollars per year in treatment.  That’s 1/3 of our entire population! Soaking in your tub for 20 minutes is a simple, effective and affordable pain remedy, particularly if you add epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) and essential oils. 

#3   Relieves stress
Whether you’re talking about rising anxiety and depression, increased digestion disorders, allergies and asthma, or increases in heart disease and diabetes, STRESS is an underlying cause of all these issues.  Taking baths allows you to take time away from your stressful world and simply relax.  Giving your body a break is imperative to long term health. 

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Simple, Effective and Natural


Shepard Moon Concoctions has been making organic essential oil remedies in beautiful Seattle, Washington, since 1999. We started out by creating our six therapeutic Bath Remedies, which holistic healers used to support their patients between appointments. In fact, you can still find our products in many health clinics throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Enthusiasm for our creations brought them to the retail shelves, and that was just the beginning. As more and more of you have come to love Shepard Moon products, we've expanded our collection to satisfy many of your requests for new remedies.

Simple, Effective and Natural

We feel the same way you do about ingredients we can't pronounce. That's why we at Shepard Moon Concoctions have always been committed to using only the purest natural ingredients in all of our creations.

To break it down even further, we want you to know that everything we make is paraben-free and petroleum-free. We don't test on animals, and we never use additives or dyes. And, because "fresh is best," we make all Shepard Moon remedies in small weekly batches that are naturally preserved.

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What Are Bath Remedies?


For many women, menses can be a debilatating and painful time each month. Dysmenorrhea affects approximately 50% of menstruating women with 10-15% experiencing pain severe enough to prevent normal daily functioning. It is the leading cause of lost time from school or work usually occurring among otherwise healthy women in their late teens and early 20’s.

Other women suffer from the various symptoms of PMS which include irritability, mood swings, bloating, joint or muscle pain, fatigue, insomnia, digestive problems, constipation, headaches, difficulty concentrating, tension, anxiety or depression, and breast tenderness.

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Benefits of Bathing


Many of our lives have become increasingly fast-paced and stressful. When talking about the benefits of bathing, more and more folks describe themselves as “shower people” or say they can’t remember the last time they had time to take a bath. This sentiment is reflected even in our architecture. Most new homes either don’t have bath tubs or the tubs are small, uncomfortable and shallow. Instead we desire homes with bigger and fancier showers. Yet bathing has extraordinary health benefits. Simply taking 10 to 20 minutes each day to fill the tub, relax, and let the world spin without you for awhile is a wonderful way to prepare yourself to meet the challenges of the fast paced, high stress lifestyles most of us face. A bath in the evening helps to unwind, let go and prepare for a well rested night of slumber. However there are many more benefits to bathing. Dr. Peter Ronchetti has stated, “There is no drug on the market that can rival the number of beneficial physiological effects that water is capable of producing.” A key difference between bathing and showering is that when you immerse your body in water (ie. bathe), hydrostatic pressure is exerted. Because water is more dense than air, it exerts much greater pressure against the body. This pressure pushes extra cellular fluid back into circulation. According to Douglas Lewis at Bastyr University, “That immersion actually increases the blood volume, decreasing edema therefore reducing stiffness and pain,...when you improve blood flow, you improve everything.” Research in the use of hydrotherapy (bathing), has shown significant results in the treatment of arthritis, chronic pain, edema, asthma, varicose veins, constipation, neuropathy, fibromyalgia, pulmonary disease, digestive disorders, chronic fatigue and wound.

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How to stay cool naturally on hot summer nights


Staying cool on hot summer nights can be a challenge, especially for us temperate climate folks in the Pacific Northwest.  We often create crazy cooling rituals like opening our windows and blinds from dusk until dawn, then closing them during the heat of the day. Our homes are littered with fans and occasional window A/C units. And some of us just give up and grab our camping gear and head for the backyard or basement to try and sleep. But what most of us don’t think about is taking a bath!

A tepid bath is a great way to cool your core body temperature before bedtime and connecting with the wisdom of Mother Nature can help even further.

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