The Science of Bathing: Improving Circulation

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, pink and red hearts and symbols of love are everywhere.  But if you really want to get your heart pumping, then forget the chocolates and flowers and take a bath!  Yep.  You heard me correctly.  Taking baths regularly is one of the healthiest things you can do to show your heart ...

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New Covid-inspired gifts for our everyday heroes!

Mingled with fear, worry, and anxiety, is a profound sense of gratitude and admiration for the 'everyday heroes' in our lives and communities.  Frontline healthcare workers courageously engaging the pandemic on Covid wards or taking care of our elders tucked away safely in assisted living homes.  Superhe...

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New packaging, free-shipping, and Amazon oh my!

     One of the things we love at Shepard Moon is to create and to innovate! We also love to be healthy and helpful in all we do. In fact, that has been the guiding principle of our mission statement for the past 20 years. So one of our positive take-aways getting us through the pandemic is the daily opportunity to live out this miss...

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Shepard Moon Makes a Big Splash at Haggen!

     Like many of you, 2020 has gone nothing like we thought when we set our goals last January. Well, that is, until now! Back in June 2019, we had some positive meetings with Haggen and felt good about expanding into this Northwest favorite. After all, one quick walk down their bath product aisle and you can see just how much they ...

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10 Ways to Stay Sane Through the Election

    And just like that, the election season is fully present. And like everything 20-20, it's unpredictable, overwhelming, and 'super-sized'. I keep wanting it to just be a really bad movie where the B-list director keeps yelling, "Bigger, bigger!" But like being stuck in traffic because of a horrible accident up ahead, I find myself...

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How to Balance Yourself in an Imbalanced World

 BALANCE is the word each and every March here at Shepard Moon. The entire universe is shifting towards it—-LITERALLY.'  Equinox' means equal night — marking the time when the sun crosses the plane of the earth making night and day roughly equal. This happens just twice a year, in the Spring —around March 21st— an...

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All we get is LOVE!

2020 has taken off with a whole lotta love and support for us 'salt-slingin' gals at Shepard Moon. In fact, our looking forward to a post-holiday, back-to-normal rhythm has been postponed by an outpouring of incredible support from two of our biggest allies: Town & Country Markets and PCC Community Markets.  'We support local' has become a...

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A ton of fun this holiday season!……well more like 5 tons!

Another successful holiday season has come and gone and from all the empty shelves, it looks like Shepard Moon made up a ton of holiday gifts. Or, to be precise…. it was more like 5 TONS. Holy cow! Now that's a lot of salt.  As I was in the stores restocking empty display trays and filling the gaping holes on their shelves, I decided to tally ...

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Does taking a hot bath boost your immune system?

Soaking in a hot bath is miraculously relaxing and helpful in easing away muscle soreness, but did you know that it's an effective, natural way to boost your immune system? Immunology studies have found that soaking 20-30 minutes in a bath raises your core body temperature increasing white blood cell production and strengthening your body's ability...

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West Seattle PCC re-opening definitely worth the wait!

Holy moly it's finally happening. The re-opening of the West Seattle PCC on California Avenue right across the street from the Hiawatha Community Center.  And boy-oh-boy was the wait ever worth it. This store is gorgeous!  What a gift for West Seattle residents who, like PCC, are all about building and supporting strong communit...

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Growth, Gratitude and Generosity--Celebrating 20 years of Shepard Moon

 Shepard Moon quietly turned 20 on September 15th. It's truly been an amazing journey. So many things are wildly different from the 'home-basement-years' and yet some things are guided by the same consistent formula that got us here over the past two decades. We continue to grow by partnering with special stores who not only bel...

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Summer Gratitude Tour!

Summer Gratitude Tour!

We're coming up on our 20 year anniversary of creating peace through bathing!  Can you believe it?  As September 15th approaches,  I've been reflecting on all the miracles and angels that came together to get Shepard Moon here.  I'm overwhelmed with gratitude of how blessed we've been throughout this amazing journ...

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QFC's New Flagship store opens with Shepard Moon!

 Yowza!  How does a grocery store stand out against the likes of Costco, Whole Foods and Amazon Go? For QFC, the answer centered in creating a spectacular new concept and experience in grocery shopping!  Kroger-owned QFC's new $23 million flagship store — its first new store in nearly a decade — focuses on an expa...

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Real Men take Baths! - Elements of a Manly Bath

 Like most 'manly dudes', funny guy Brian Donovan admits Friday night is for rounding up his dudes, going out on the town and cruisin' for some ladies.  And that's what he often does.  What he rarely admits, however, is that the whole time he's doing that, he's wishing he was chillin' in his tub!  Yep.  You heard me guys. &...

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More Stores hop on board Shepard Moon’s Peace Campaign!

We're growing!

Creating world peace without leaving your bathroom! A tall order we know you can achieve laying down. At least that's our simple goal at Shepard Moon. Well, you can leave your bathroom to go buy more of our super fabulous, peace-producing, all natural Epsom salt baths. And now there are 3 more stores you can go to buy them! Shepard Moon j...

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Helping celebrate mom, community and local business!

Come by and meet Makena Phillips at the New Seasons in Ballard Sunday, May 5, 2019, from 12 to 3 pm as they celebrate their 1 Year Anniversary Party. Makena will help you create the perfect Mother's Day gift basket and hand out free gifts with purchase of any 24 oz Shepard Moon baths! And to top it off, all Shepard Moon products are also on sa...

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Celebrating Life with Gratitude!

 (UPDATED:  May 2021). Sunshine and longer days. Blooming trees above and bulbs popping up around our feet, May is just bursting with Life. May Day (Beltane) marks the halfway point between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice and things definitely feel like they're looking up. Celebration and hope are in the air and that often lea...

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Oatmeal Baths.....New from Shepard Moon!

Shepard Moon is excited to announce the arrival of pf our new Oatmeal Baths! Like many of our organic bath products, we created these skin soothing baths at the request of one of the wonderful retailers. Their customers requested it—-we're happy to create it. Because at Shepard Moon, we love to be helpful and healing in all we do! Oatmeal...

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Shepard Moon goes on the Road!

 There's nothing like springtime to make me want to hop in the car and take off in any direction out of Seattle!  With longer days. and especially those gorgeous spring days filled with blue skies and sunshine, I'm itching for a road trip after a long winter of feeling cooped up with the grind of our little hippie salt mine. So we're...

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Holiday Success!

 The holidays always seem to begin and end the same for us at Shepard Moon…….with EXCITEMENT! It's fun when we begin mixing our seasonal scents, labeling our fun holiday packaging and gearing up for the upcoming holiday season --- often in summer shorts and tank tops. And it's doubly exciting to make that very last delivery! Best Holiday Ever!...

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We're Growing!

Shepard Moon products can now be found in 21 new and incredible locations throughout the Pacific Northwest! We've been busy bees in the shop packing and shipping products to: 

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How to stay cool naturally on hot summer nights

Staying cool on hot summer nights can be a challenge, especially for us temperate climate folks in the Pacific Northwest.  We often create crazy cooling rituals like opening our windows and blinds from dusk until dawn, then closing them during the heat of the day. Our homes are littered with fans and occasional window A/C units. And some of us just give up and grab our camping gear and head for the backyard or basement to try and sleep. But what most of us don’t think about is taking a bath!

A tepid bath is a great way to cool your core body temperature before bedtime and connecting with the wisdom of Mother Nature can help even further.

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Painful PMS? Try taking an Epsom Salt Bath!

For almost half of us women, the list of unwelcome guests that arrive each month with our periods feels unending. Irritability, bloating, fatigue, body aches, insomnia, indigestion, headaches, anxiety and depression are the 'all-to-familiar' symptoms, and they can disrupt everything. 10-15% of us experience pain so severe that it debilitates our no...

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Magnesium - the mom of all minerals!

Moms are amazing. Not only do they make sure everyone gets to where they need to go, they ensure everyone has what they need when they get there. That can mean ensuring every member of the family arrives at work or school with a full belly and wearing something clean. That before every practice, every offspring is equipped with a pre-packed sports bag containing the right uniform, shin guards, snack, cleats, and even the library books that need returning later. And often it can mean working long hours and providing for everyone. No matter what other titles a mother bears, they are Janes-of-all-trades and help everyone else succeed.

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Women: From Voiceless to #Me Too…....a grateful goodbye to 'Our Bodies Ourselves'

 Maybe 53  IS old.  I don't feel like I am but lately I've begun to pay attention to what my friends and I talk about and it's starting to sound a lot like our parents.  Yikes!   One of the times I notice this most is when an icon from my youth decides to call it quits.  That happened recently when the powerful, h...

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3 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

Wow!  It feels like we're living in a time of complete national discord. Non-stop arguing, name-calling and slinging opinions like hand-grenades is the 'new norm' in communication. It seems like we're more interested in being right than we are in finding common ground. And what could be more common than the 'ground' upon which we all stand: Th...

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How to make the Easiest Detoxifying Body Scrub Ever!

Springtime is my favorite time for cleansing.  The emerging bulbs and blossoming trees inspire me to be outdoors and clear out flower beds and garden spaces.  Inevitably it rains and I find myself indoors going through closets and ridding myself of little-used household items.  Then predictably, this urge to purge inspires me to deto...

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PCC Community Markets highlight Shepard Moon and other Women-owned businesses!

We're so honored to be one of the four amazing local companies that PCC chose to highlight in their March 2018 issue of Sound Consumer (Sound Consumer, March 2018 | Issue No. 537 | Women) 

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Shepard Moon Concoctions Taps Mountain Sales Northwest as new Broker

Shepard Moon Concoctions, a manufacturer of hand-crafted, organic bath and body products, has selected Mountain Sales Northwest as their broker to expand their product line into an ever-widening marketplace.

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Nurturing Ourselves in Challenging Times

I consider myself a spiritual being here to help serve our world.  In my personal life, I am both a spiritual counselor and a woman in recovery. 19 years ago I founded Shepard Moon Concoctions and consider it to be one of my greatest spiritual expressions. This endeavor has also been a consistent source of some of my life’s most valuable lessons, and these past couple of years have been no different. Every Mother’s Day, this sentiment rings truer for me than the last.

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11 Reasons Why….You Need a Bath!

Who has time to take a bath anymore?  It might not feel like you do, but making time for relaxation is important!  And taking regular baths, instead of showers, is not only more relaxing, it’s also better for improving your overall health. Here are 11 reasons why you’ll want to resurrect bathing as part of your weekly self-care routine.


#1 Taking baths improves your overall circulation

One of the biggest differences between bathing and showers is hydrostatic pressure.  Because water is much denser than air, immersing yourself in your bathtub exerts greater pressure against your body.  This pressure pushes excess extracellular fluid back into circulation.  “When you improve blood flow, you improve everything.”—Dr. Douglas Lewis

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