Massage & Body Oils


Organic Oils for Massage, Bath, and Body

There's nothing better than a product with versatility. Transform your bath into a replenishing experience or add salts to create a skin-softening super scrub with a few capfuls of Shepard Moon's organic Massage and Body Oils!

And let’s not forget why we originally created them—massage! Shepard Moon Massage and Body Oils are a favorite of massage therapists and their clients alike seeking an organic solution! From pain relief to deep relaxation and stress reduction, we’ve carefully created a perfect all-natural blend for you.

However you choose to use them, you’ll be left with a nourishing, healthy glow that leaves your skin and your senses satisfied!

Relieve Massage, Bath & Body Oil $5.99 each
$93.99 each
5 5 1 Product
Inspire Massage, Bath & Body Oil $5.99$4.79 each
$93.99$75.19 each
Meditate Massage, Bath & Body Oil $5.99$4.79 each
$93.99$75.19 each


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