Lotion Therapy


Relieve, Rejuvenate, and Repair

What sets Shepard Moon Concoctions body lotions apart from other great companies? Our powerful infused oils, that's what! We combine the quenching moisture of our paraben-free and pretroleum-free lotion base with the strength of our pure essential oil blens and the added kick of our herbal-infused oils. ALL the ingredients we use in our lotions are natural and clean. Worry not when applying our lotions, nothing will get in the way of the pure and simple relief they are designed to bring. Shepard Moon Concoction lotions are also excellent massafe lotions if you prefer giving or receiving massages with lotion instead of oil. Check out our different sizes for all occasions!

Relieve Lotion Therapy $5.99 each
$93.99 each
5 5 2 Product
Revitalize Lotion Thearpy $5.99 each
$93.99 each
Replenish Lotion Therapy $5.99 each
$93.99 each


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