Massage Lovers Gift Set

$24.99 each
For bath, body or massage!
Whether you

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For bath, body or massage!
Whether youre a massage therapist, or going away for a romantic getaway, Shepard Moons Massage Lovers Gift Set is the perfect addition to your collection. 
Featuring our five best-selling massage and body oils, this set of 2-oz oils comes in a durable clear plastic zippered bag.  An ideal gift, a relaxing travel set, or simply a way to store neatly without worries of drips and spills.  More than just great organic massage oils, these skin replenishing body oils are a healthy alternative to using body lotion.  Moisturize your body after a bath or shower instead of lotion and you'll leave your skin feeling silky smooth.  Or add a capful to your bath.  No matter how you use them, these versatile oils will lleave your body and senses- satisfied!
Each set includes Relieve (for pain), Relax (lavender mix) and our three soul soothing sacred blends: Meditate, Love and Inspire    (TSA Approved travel size bottles)

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