Love Bath Remedy

Love Bath Remedy 4 ounce pouch front
Love Bath Remedy 4 ounce pouch frontLove Bath Remedy 4 ounce pouch back
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What the world needs now is.....LOVE!on s

Well Shepard Moon has the answer with our tribute to Love! - That ineffable essence that nurtures all things worthwhile!  This delightful epsom salt bath is naturally made with organic essential oils created to tantalize your senses and lift your spirit. Originally concocted for a friend's wedding, this cheerful bath remedy has become one of our top selling essential oil blends.  Can't get enough love?  Then follow up this bath with our Love Bath & Body Oil for a romantic massage or skin soothing moisturizer that will leave you delighted throughout your day.  Grab someone special and spread a little more love with this audacious bath remedy!

Available in four sizes to choose from:   4 oz, 24 oz, 6 lb, and 12 lb 


Natural Ingredients: 

Lavender, Sweet Orange, Ginger and Ylang organic essential oils added into a blend of Epsom Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Dendritic Salt and Baking Soda.

No artificial fragrances, dyes or preservatives.  Just salt and pure essential oils.  Simple, effective and natural!

What our customers say:
5 1 5
Good morning Shepard Moon Team. I received my wonderful and delightful order yesterday and I look forward to my first bath and self-massage. Thank U for all you do and for your care of Mother Earth.

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