Workout Essentials Bath Set

Workout Essentials Bath Set bags front
Workout Essentials Bath Set bags frontWorkout Essentials Bath Set bags backWorkout Essentials Bath Set bags tilted
$34.49 each

Get in shape and save money with this ‘must have’ bath duo from Shepard Moon.  We’ve teamed up our best selling Ache & Pain Relief epsom salt bath to help relieve sore muscles after exercise --- with our with our Detox Support bath to help detoxify those who are cleansing as part of their self care.  This powerful one-two punch bath set is for everyone committed to improving their health, self care and fitness!

We all kow that regular eercise and eating healthy is important for creating a healthy, balanced and productive life.  But we don't often think about including baths as part of our self care routine.  And yet, taking baths is better for your overall health than showering.  Our Workout Essential Bath Set was created as the perfect self care remedy for those of you committed to improving your overall health and fitness!

Save $4.99 than when purchased separately!

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