Winter Essentials Bath Set

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$34.49 each

There’s nothing that brings relief from the chill of winter faster than a nice hot bath!  Whether you’re just cold or have a cold, this warming wintertime bath combo of Shepard Moon's circulation boosting Vitality Bath and potent, immune boosting Cold & Flu and Allergy Too is the perfect remedy to warm you up and get you back on your feet!

Made with organic essential oils and pain relieving epsom salt, our Cold & Flu bath remedy was created to help alleviate congestion and bring soothing relief to achy muscles often experienced with the flu. Relax in this natural, cold and flu busting bath and soak away your symptoms so you can get well and back on your feet.

Our Vitality Bath is a welcomed relief for those who suffer from poor circulation.  Originally created to support those with edema, fibromyalgia, neuralgia or chronic muscle pain and tightness, this powerful bath remedy is one our most popular therapeutic blends among holistic healthcare professionals. This wintertime friend of the 'chronically cold' also makes an excellent therapeutic footbath.  

Save $4.99 when purchased as a set!

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