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More Stores hop on board Shepard Moon’s Peace Campaign!

We're growing!
Creating world peace without leaving your bathroom! A tall order we know you can achieve laying down. At least that's our simple goal at Shepard Moon. Well, you can leave your bathroom to go buy more of our super fabulous, peace-producing, all natural Epsom salt baths. And now there are 3 more stores you can go to buy them! Shepard Moon j...
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Nurturing Ourselves in Challenging Times

I consider myself a spiritual being here to help serve our world.  In my personal life I am both a spiritual counselor and a woman in recovery. 19 years ago I founded Shepard Moon Concoctions and consider it to be one of my greatest spiritual expressions. This endeavor has also been a consistent source of some of my life’s most valuable lessons, and these past couple years have been no different. Every Mother’s Day, this sentiment rings truer for me than the last.

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