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Time for Spring Cleaning!


I absolutely love springtime.  The promise of new life, everywhere we look. The volatility of the weather, and how all four seasons can happen within a single hour.  Those first few warm days, where the Magnolia blossoms eagerly begin to bud between my dog Bodhi’s morning and evening walks around our neighborhood.  There is an inescapable vitality in the air that inspires me out of Winter’s sleepy lull and makes me want to… CLEAN!?!

Okay, for those who know me, that is not a natural desire of mine.  It’s embarrassing to admit, but if you come for tea on Tuesday then again on Saturday, you will likely see your teacup right where you left it. Yet the compulsion of spring is a mighty powerful force!


Cleansing begins with you!

Many of my friends love to forage the woods for nettles this time of year, brewing up cauldrons of detoxifying nettle tea.  In fact, many folks do a cleanse every spring as part of their personal health ritual.  But whether you fast, do the “Master Cleanse,” pick young nettles for tea, or schedule a colonic, most of us focus on our digestion.  This spring, I’m inviting you to consider adding bathing to your cleansing ritual.

When I first began building my skills as a healer, I had no idea that many of the toxins we eliminate are not expelled through our digestive tracts, but rather through our lungs and skin.  In fact, many schools of thought claim that up to 70% of the toxins eliminated from our bodies occur through our lungs.  (D. Lewis The Tao of Natural Breathing).  I’m not a betting woman, but I’d wager if most of us were quizzed to name 10 organs, we would likely forget to mention our skin, our body’s largest organ.


Get a detoxifying boost from bathing!

Mineral salt baths with essential oils are a wonderful aid for any cleanse.  As many of you know, detoxifying can be extremely stressful on your body and sometimes, even painful. Cleansers often experience head and muscle aches.  A hot bath can deliver a massive boost, as sweating releases toxins that cannot be processed through your intestines.  Adding 4 to 6 cups of Epsom salts can relieve muscle aches and help draw even more toxins from your body.  Even the simple act of immersing yourself in a tub-full of water (rather than showering) exerts greater pressure-- which actually pushes extracellular fluid (and toxins) back into circulation, improving blood flow and eliminating toxins.  

Of course, at Shepard Moon, we think using the products we created to support your cleanse is an excellent choice and sign of great intelligence!  All kidding aside, we designed our Detox Support Bath and our Release Bath & Body Oil with cleanses in mind.


Detoxifying essential oil formula

We start with our essential oil blend of Lemon, Helichrysum, Juniper, Fennel, Carrot Seed, Ginger, Cypress, German Chamomile, and Ylang. This concoction was originally created as a special formula for colon hydrotherapists working with patients with severely compromised digestive systems. This potent blend is effective in helping support all your body’s organs of elimination in a gentle balancing way to nurture you while enhancing your body’s own ability to cleanse itself.  

So when you cleanse this spring, be sure to include bathing as part of your ritual.  And when you do, add Shepard Moon’s Detox Support Bath or Release Bath & Body Oil to your regimen and feel your body say “ahhhh… thank you!”

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Monday, 17 February 2020
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