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How to make the Easiest Detoxifying Body Scrub Ever!


Springtime is my favorite time for cleansing.  The emerging bulbs and blossoming trees renew my desire to be outdoors and clear out flower beds and garden spaces.  Removing these last vestiges of winter, leads to going through closets and clearing out little used household items.  Then predictably, this yearning to purge inspires me to detoxify 'ME' and do some kind of body cleanse.  

I don't have a particular routine that I do every year.  My nature is not disciplined in that way.  Some years I'll be rigorous and do an intense cleansing ritual that includes fasting or limiting myself to very specific foods and juices.  Other years my urge to detoxify is more spiritual and will center around a silent meditation retreat away from my regular day-to-day life.  But one of the things that I always like to do is treat myself to a body scrub.  For those who haven't experienced a scrub—it is the ultimate skin care experience!

Doing a full body scrub is an amazing experience leaving your skin feeling thoroughly fresh and richly moisturized. A typical scrub is simply a mixture of an exfoliant to remove dead cells from your skin, a fixed oil and essential oils. The problem with many scrubs found on store shelves is they're loaded with things that aren't healthy for you or the environment. (See microbeads)

But they're super easy to make yourself using all-natural, healthy ingredients.

DIY Detoxifying Body Scrub Recipe

Honestly the easiest and fastest body scrub I make is simply taking our Shepard Moon Release Bath & Body Oil and just mixing it with a blend of sugar, honey and Epsom salts.


1 C Epsom

½ - 1 C Sugar

4 oz Release Bath & Body Oil

1 or 2 T Raw Honey 


1. Pour Epsom salt and sugar in a glass or ceramic mixing bowl a mix

2. Cover salt and sugar mix with 4oz bottle of Shepard Moon  Oil and honey

3. Stir together with a wooden spoon

4. Store in a glass jar with a lid in a cool, dry place

The story behind our Release Massage and Body Oil

Release Bath & Body Oil is the same dynamic formula we use in our Detox Support Bath. I originally designed this detoxifying remedy for a brilliant woman and colon hydrotherapist who helped detoxify our clients by gently doing colon cleanses. My partner and I specialized in chelation therapy, as many of our clients were extremely ill from the negative effects of heavy metals stored in their bodies. Our Detox blend was a collaborative result of that effort and has been one of our most effective formulas ever since.

Body Scrubs for Skin Care or to Pamper Yourself

​ Of course you can use any of our Bath & Body Oils to make this Easy Scrub Recipe. Do you want to create a scrub that restores and revitalizes your skin? Use either Relax Bath & Body Oil with lavender (probably the best essential oil for skin care) or the more earthy Meditate Body Oil with skin repairing Frankincense or soothing Sandalwood for mature or dry skin.  In need of a little nurturing?  Try our Revitalize or Love Bath & Body Oils. Both contain organic essential oils that are emotionally nurturing, calming and comforting—plus they just smell great and leaving you feeling even better!

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