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Love Your Mother - Celebrating Earth Day Everyday


    Wow!  We're living in a time of tremendous national discord.  Name-calling and slinging opinions back and forth like hand-grenades is the 'new norm' in communication.  We're living in a country with a government run from a Florida resort and national policy communicated through tweets.No matter your ideology, it may be helpful to meet in a place of 'common ground'.  And there's nothing more common than the 'ground' upon which we all stand: The Earth!

   Since 1970, we have celebrated Earth Day on April 22nd as a day of recognizing this "thing" that supports all of us.  The Earth is a great teacher and her lessons are things we can aspire to.It's easy to self-congratulate any progress that's been made these last 48 years as we proclaim our care for Mother Earth.  But likely it's more accurate to admit, that all along, she has been caring for us.  As long as there has been life, she has supported us, sustained us and given us refuge.  She doesn't care about our religious beliefs or political affiliations.  She treats each person with the same care.  As a Buddhist teacher once told me: 'Trees cast shade equally upon the murderer and the saint – this is the ultimate aspiration of loving kindness'. 

Learning to take a Long View 

    You could call me a tree hugging liberal.  With all the deregulation and tearing down of environmental protections that seem to be occurring, I find myself saddened as the progress we've made is negated in rapid succession.  In these challenging times, it's easy to feel hopeless.

​    But one of the great lessons Mother Earth teaches us, is the one of longevity.  The truth is she was here first and will be here long after us, in spite of our best efforts. So when I find myself feeling discouraged, I try and take a long view.  Because truthfully, whether our government takes a more active role to protect our environment or it chooses not to, there are things we can do to have an impact.  We can be patient and consistent, like the earth, in how we show up each day and care for her and care for ourselves.  As we choose to be agents of change, rather than victims of elections, we can inspire one another with our efforts.

​ In honor of Earth Day, I invite you to do something to 'Love Your Mother'!  To get the ball rolling, here are three simple things you might consider:

1.  Be mindful of your skin care product choices

​   When considering the skin care products you purchase, it's important to be mindful of their contents.  While many exfoliating products work well, shower and facial scrubs and even some toothpastes, use plastic micro-beads that ultimately end up endangering fish and wildlife in our oceans and lakes. Instead, use products without these harmful plastics or make your own natural scrubs, such as those you can make with our bath and body oils.

2.  Get a favorite reusable water bottle and use it wherever you go!

​   Did you know that researchers have concluded that the global demand for bottled water consumes the energy equivalent of approximately 160 million barrels of oil to produce the same exact amount of tap water?  To put that in some perspective, one Petroleum Supertanker can carry 2 million barrels of oil.  This means that our yearly global demand for bottled water needs 80 supertankers to fulfill.  This doesn't even address what we do with those bottles and the waste they leave behind.  The next time you run into a store to buy a quick bottle of water, do this:Buy 7 instead.  Then dump out 6 bottles and one quarter of the 7th bottle, before re-filling it with oil.  Cheers!  You might just find yourself sold on the idea of purchasing one of those fancy $20 re-usable water bottles instead.Not only would that be better for your health, but it would make a huge impact on the health of our planet.

3.  Whenever you can, buy in bulk

   Packaging accounts for nearly 1/3 of the garbage that ends up in our landfills according to University of Southern Indiana' Landfill and Waste Facts.  I know for companies like Shepard Moon, the cost of packaging can be as much as the product it contains!

   Buying bulk can help alleviate the enormous waste that is incurred by our lifestyle of convenience.  Many companies produce products in larger sizes though you may not always see them on your store's retail shelves.  Check with your store's staff members and see if they can special order your favorite products in bulk sizes.  At Shepard Moon, we are very fortunate to work with many environmentally conscious stores who are more than happy to help you do that.If your store cannot help you, check online to see if bulk sizes are available for you to order direct.

   So join Shepard Moon this Earth Day by making some simple choices in helping to support Mother Earth as she has done for each one of us no matter our ideology or who in running our government today!

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Tuesday, 26 March 2019
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