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Magnesium and Moms

Moms are amazing. Not only do they make sure everyone gets to where they need to go, they ensure everyone has what they need when they get there. That can mean ensuring every member of the family arrives at work or school with a full belly and wearing something clean. That before every practice, every offspring is equipped with a pre-packed sports bag containing the right uniform, shin guards, snack, cleats, and even the library books that need returning later. And often it can mean working long hours and providing for everyone. No matter what other titles a mother bears, they are Janes-of-all-trades and help everyone else succeed.

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Women: From Voiceless to #Me Too…....a grateful goodbye to 'Our Bodies Ourselves'

 Maybe 53   IS old.  I don't feel like I am but lately I've begun to pay attention to what my friends and I talk about and it's starting to sound a lot like our parents.  Yikes!   One of the times I notice this most is when an icon from my youth decides to call it quits.  That happened recently when the powerful, ...
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Love Your Mother - Celebrating Earth Day Everyday

    Wow!  We're living in a time of tremendous national discord.  Name-calling and slinging opinions back and forth like hand-grenades is the 'new norm' in communication.  We're living in a country with a government run from a Florida resort and national policy communicated through tweets.No matter your ideology, it ma...
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Shepard Moon Concoctions Taps Mountain Sales Northwest as new Broker

Shepard Moon Concoctions, a manufacturer of hand-crafted, organic bath and body products, has selected Mountain Sales Northwest as their broker to expand their product line into an ever-widening marketplace.

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